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The best nonlaser tattoo removal training in Australia

Golden Brows offers the best nonlaser tattoo removal training in Australia for painless, quick, and safe unwanted tattoos. You can learn how to use a digital micro pigment machine to deposit trademark Rejuvi cream for the chemical extraction of tattoos from our best tattoo removal courses in Melbourne.   Also, you can learn the best nano hair strokes training in Melbourne to start a cosmetic center anywhere in Australia.

By completing our best nonlaser tattoo removal training, you learn how to work on live models to remove tattoos using Rejuvi cream, learn about allergies and scaring, and provide aftercare instructions for clients to develop your business.


Tattoo removal training course relates to non laser solution technique. More accurately, it is a unique chemical extraction process. With a digital micro pigmentation machine, the needles penetrate the skin and deposit minute amounts of Rejuvi cream into the tattooed areas, which are completely extracted over time with the ink.

Sudents must have skills in the Cosmetic tattooing to register. You are required to bring your own machine for practice on model.

Tattoo removal course requires 1 model for student practice. Students can bring their own models; if not, student might notice to Golden Brows Academy to find model for you one week prior to course commencement.

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Tattoo removal course Victoria will follow the schedule below. Other states (Sydney, Brisbane, etc) may have differences in schedules, depending on the circumstances at the time of the course. Please contact Golden Brows Academy for more information when register.

1 DAY | 10AM – 3PM | SAT

*If you can not participate in our full days course, we will organise your classes to fit your timetable in order to aid you in completing the course.

APRIL class

20 April 2024

MAY class

18 May 2024

What will you learn

  • Introduction Tattoo Removal REJUVI
  • Rejuvi Tattoo Removal Product
  • Instructions for Removal of Permanent Makeup
  • Illustration of Removal Process of Micropigmentation
  • Techniques and Tip
  • Aftercare Instructions for the client
  • How to handle Allergy and Scarring
  • Consent form
  • Work on live model

Course fees | $1800

  • $1000 deposit – non refundable is required to secure your place.
  • Remaining balance is to be paid prior 7 days course commencement and also non-refundable.
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Choose your Payment Plan options with Payright, Afterpay, Zippay and TLC.

Access to the lowest segment interest rates starting from 5.95%
No early payout fees
No deposit needed
Flexible terms up to 84 months
Accept parents applying on behalf of their children
Family members can apply on behalf of the clients
Pure Centrelink incomes can apply (single parent / carer / disability / vet)

If you want to know more about terms & condition of Payment Plan, please leave us a message below, we will contact you shortly via email.


State requirements:

You will be required to complete one of these units:

  • HTLINF005 Maintain Infection Prevention for skin penetration treatments in QLD or;
  • SHBBINF002 Maintain Infection Control Standards in other state to perform skin penetration procedure on clients as: Microblading/ Combination Brows / Ombre Brows/ Cosmetics Tattooing;
  • Please check with your local council for any additional requirements to operate your own business;
  • Current legislation states that it is not legal to conduct unregistered tattoo premised.

Our requirements:

You must obtain Infection Control Unit to be able to join our courses with one of the following 3 options below:

  • If you own an Infection Control Unit certificate, you must send us to prove you have passed this unit so we can enrol you for any cosmetic tattoo courses.
  • You can enrol Infection Control Unit with us | $550
  • Or you must show proof you are enrolled somewhere else before we can enrol you for any cosmetic tattoo courses

What will you receive?


  • Rejuvi Tattoo Removal 1pc
  • Scarcare Gell 1pc
  • Rejuvi “h” Supper Soothing Cream 1pc
Tattoo Removal Kit


At the present, there is no Government Accreditation for Tattoo Removal course within Australia, however after finishing our course, you will receive a highly recognised Certificate of Rejuvi from USA to start performing on clients.


  • Laws and regulations to get a certificate of registration from the council.
  • Insurance
  • Make amazing photos for advertising
  • Social media marketing

On-going support

Lifetime ongoing support online

You are invited to join our private WhatsApp group, where you will communicate with your master and peers after the course. This ideally helps us support each other where questions can be asked and ideas can be shared.

Continuous support face to face

After finishing Tattoo removal course, if you’re not confident and want more time for practicing, you are welcome to come back to school to enhance your skill and work on the model under our supervision for 3 months. You must bring your own models for practicing (a $50 fee will be charged for one session).

Job support

If it’s been challenging to find a space to work after qualifying. You’re welcome to bring your clients to our Academy to work for $50 per session. You work for your own business in our space.


  • Each course requires a minimum of 5 students and a maximum of 10 students.
  • If we do not meet the required minimum class size, the scheduled class will automatically be canceled and will be rescheduled until we meet the minimum class requirement.

Yes, we do offer flexible payment plan options with TLC and PayRight, Afterpay, Zippay.

All our students receive:

  • Lifetime ongoing support online
  • 3 months support unlimited practice on model
  • Job support

This course is perfect for those who beginners and experienced artists in cosmetic tattoo industry and want to stay current with the newest techniques, treatments and trends. As social media grows around this treatment, we know lots of clients will want to experiment and try the newest treatments.

You can do all of the courses available, but allow yourself enough time to be able to carry out your assessment tasks.

  • All courses cover full aspects of the treatment, from start to finish, so they are aimed at all abilities, from beginners to experienced brow artists.
  • Give yourself ample opportunity to practice the treatments before submitting your assessment tasks should you need to. And remember, we have experienced trainers on hand who can provide additional support.

Upon completion, you will be issued a certificate which is Industry recognized certification.

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